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Empowering Data-Driven Supervision in Developing Countries
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Implementation of a SupTech to Supervise Digital Financial Services in Ethiopia Underway
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Talanta 10 Shortlisted in the Prestigious Cambridge SupTech Lab Competition
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Diagnostic Assessments in Fiji, Samoa, Ethiopia and Malawi
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Our Services

Data Strategy & Enterprise Data Architecture Support

A robust data architecture provides endless possibilities for harnessing data to drive actionable insights, foster innovation and attaining organizational objectives.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the banking industry. They are accelerating, streamlining, and redefining conventional processes, and enhancing data handling methods and customer experiences.

Data Warehousing Solutions

Burgeoning businesses are confronted with increasing data scale and analytical requirements that traditional information systems and databases cannot address.

Results Based Monitoring

Our Results-Based Monitoring services are designed to help social impact organizations measure and track progress, outcomes, and impact in a systematic and evidence-based manner

Operational Research & Evaluations

Our services in operational research and evaluations empower social impact
organizations to identify operational bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and
improve overall efficiency.

Partnering with Telcos to Use AI in Improving Mobile Services

This data driven technological solution helps telcos to better understand the needs of their diverse customer segments and be able to anticipate improvements that ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

Latest Projects

Gender-Smart Product Design

We are working directly with selected Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to develop and pilot a roadmap for enhancing their capacity for GSPD to increase access to finance and digital inclusion for women.


We offer a broad range of products ready for use

SupTech Solutions

SupTech is a new generation of financial technology designed to revolutionize the way regulatory and supervisory activities are conducted in the financial industry

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a crucial tool for any business looking to make data-driven decisions, identify opportunities for growth, and mitigate potential risks.

Consumer Protection Suite

As fraudulent activities continue to rise, consumer protection has become a significant concern for businesses, especially in the financial sector

Digital Financial Services Supervision Platform

By automating the data collection and analysis process, our SupTech solution will streamline the financial institution's operations, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency

Get to know us

About Talanta10

We are a technology company established with the goal of helping organizations maximize their impact using data and innovation. 

Our range of services includes advisory services for data analysis and innovation, development of data architectures, SupTech and RegTech solutions, application of artificial intelligence in business, and advanced data analytics. 

Data Innovation Partnership Offer

Opportunity for Social Impact Organizations/ NGOs to Leverage Our Expertise to Gauge Their Impact
Silver Pack: Explore Impact
  • Data oversight for one project
  • Ensure the quality and reliability of your data by cross-referencing it with multiple trusted sources
  • Quarterly data analysis and lessons learned
  • Data knowledge products from annual results
  • A multi-disciplinary data team
Gold Pack: Transform Project
  • Data oversight for up to 2 projects
  • Automated data processing and management, advanced analytics harnessing the power of machine learning and AI
  • Enhanced impact measurement framework
  • Quarterly data analysis and lessons learned
  • Two data capacity building workshops per year
  • Quarterly data knowledge products
  • A multi-disciplinary data team plus a dedicated data scientist
Platinum Pack: Institutionalize Impact
  • Data oversight for up to 3 projects
  • A complete data monitoring solution with real-time dashboards
  • Systems interoperability enhancements
  • Advanced analytics, harnessing the power of machine learning and AI
  • Monthly data analysis and lessons learned
  • Up to 3 data capacity building workshops per year
  • A dedicated data scientist, M&E expert and project manager

Why Choose US

A World Class Team Solving Important Problems with Data and Tech

Multi-disciplinary and Innovative Team

We may be a startup but our footprint already spans 6 countries and counting, and our collective experience of our team spans beyond 25 years, cutting across a number of local, regional and international projects.

The Culture of Impact

Strategic Information investments are useless if they fail to help the organization deliver on its promised impact. We help organizations ingrain the culture of impact.

Value for Money

When you invest in developing an effective performance management system and expertise, you will surely reap many rewards, including obtaining more value out of your project.

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