Partnering with Telcos to Use AI in Improving Mobile Services

The market for AI in telecommunications is predicted to reach a staggering $14.99B by the end of 2027. Why is there such a spike in telcos' interest in AI?

Both global traffic and the number of network hardware are rapidly expanding. As a result, network management is challenging, costly, and time-consuming. AI has the ability to optimize and automate networks, maintain their security and health, and lower operating expenses.

Even though the global market for AI in telecommunications is expanding quickly, many firms still struggle to integrate it.

In addition, they are unable to perceive the need for AI or pinpoint suitable business use cases

We help telcos harness their exponentially large amounts of data to improve service delivery and reduce customer churn with AI.

This data driven technological solution helps telcos to better understand the needs of their diverse customer segments and be able to anticipate improvements that ensure customer satisfaction and retention

Other Services Provided

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction (CSAT)surveys determine how content customers are with the goods, services, or interactions they have with your business. These surveys can be used to assess consumer demands, identify issues with your goods and/or services, or divide up the
customer base based on their response.

Results Based Monitoring

Our Results-Based Monitoring services are designed to help social impact organizations measure and track progress, outcomes, and impact in a systematic and evidence-based manner

Using Mobile Money Data to expand Financial Inclusion

Availability of mobile money transactional data and social
media data provide a viable alternative to perform a credit
rating on populations without access to banking service, hence improving financial inclusion.