Supporting the Data Revolution
Talanta Kumi (Talanta 10) is a data and technology innovation company that works with organizations to help them harness optimum value from their data value chains.

We seek to help organizations maximize their impact using data and innovation. 

Our range of services includes advisory services for data analysis and innovation, development of data architectures, SupTech and RegTech solutions, application of artificial intelligence in business, and advanced data analytics. 

Why Choose US

Multi-disciplinary and Innovative Team

We may be a new firm but the collective experience of our team spans beyond 10 years and has cut across a number of local, regional and international projects. We also have partnerships with academic institutions, tapping into some of our best minds in academia.

The Culture of Impact

Strategic Information investments are useless if they fail to help the organization deliver on its promised impact. We help organizations ingrain the culture of impact.

Value for Money

When you invest in developing an effective performance management system and expertise, you will surely reap many rewards, including obtaining more value out of your project.

A World Class Team Solving Important Problems with Data and Tech


To help organizations multiply the impact of their investments and interventions through innovative use of data and technology.


To be a cutting-edge tech organization that plays a significant contribution in building Africa’s digital economy and creating the next generation of tech thought leaders.

Who We Do Our Work For

Most organizations that seek to make the best use of their highly valuable asset, that is data, to multiply their impact will benefit greatly from our work. When you are ready to make the transition from merely gathering and keeping the data, to leveraging to stay ahead in your business; from understanding your operational efficiency, to making the most cost-effective decisions to increasing profitability and impact, we offer our technical expertise to support you in that exciting journey.

We specialize in helping leaders and their teams regain strategic control by providing timely, reliable, interactive and easy to use analytics on their business performance.

Financial Institutions

We offer innovative data powered solutions for banks, mobile companies and microfinances

We have a tested and proven business intelligence solution which brings to your mobile phone and desktop, interactive dashboards and key performance indicators and reports, customized for different departments and roles. It offers you excellently visualized data that paints the real picture of your business as it is taking place.

Private Companies

Crucial business information must be monitored on a day-to-day basis to ensure business success and growth.

Are you a company that seeks to explore ways to make most of its own data as well as market data to stay ahead of the game?

Why don’t you give us a call?

NGOs / iNGOs

Social impact organizations need readily available, granular and interactive analytics that deliver insights on the impact they are making.

If you want to go further than routine reporting, so as to venture into discovery, innovation and greater impact, we are here for you!