Building Financial Service Providers’ Capacity for Data-Driven and Gender-Smart Product Design

We are working directly with selected FSPs to develop and pilot a roadmap for enhancing their capacity for data-driven gender-smart product design (GSPD) to increase access to finance and digital inclusion for women. The firm may be a consulting firm, private sector company or a financial technology firm, provided they can demonstrate the ability to achieve deliverables set forth in Scope of Work (SOW). 

The firm will be performing a diagnostic assessment(s) of selected financial service provider (FSP) data systems/management information system (MIS) /core banking system (CBS), and analytical capacity that maps use-cases for interventions that will enhance GSPD.

We are working with a gender expert to develop an understanding of the intersection of gender and the findings of the data diagnostic and to mainstream gender into the technical assistance and further outputs.

To do this we will use the following approaches:

  • Engagement with FSP personnel
  • Analysis of transactional FSP data
  • Regulatory reporting requirements analysis

This project will entail working closely with the gender expert to ensure that a gender-lens is applied in plans and strategies for financial products development. Our analysis will provide unique insights such as how different financial products are targeting women or financial behavior of women, and gender experts can provide an interpretation of such issues from a gender lens, including implications and possible remediations.

Other Projects

Data Diagnostic Assessment

In October 2022, we launched an extensive project to conduct data architecture diagnostic assessments in several countries across Africa and the Pacific.

SupTech Implementation in Ethiopia

With our innovative technology, we will revolutionize the way the central bank collects and analyzes data from six financial institutions in Ethiopia